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    Personal Training

    Professional trainers. Intense workouts. Moving forward.

  • Bodytailors provides personal training for individuals at competitive rates.
  • We cater for those who wish to train at home or in a private gym.
  • We do not use the big commercial gyms
  • We also do group personal training, limiting it to 5 in order to control the quality of the workout and help each in the group to reach their specific goals.
  • We conduct body composition assessments and fitness level tests every 6 weeks:

Our Team

Award winning team with a passion for healthy living.

Nikki Dovey

Nikki Dovey

Ali Mhlanga

Ali Mhlanga


  • Creditation

    • Our trainers are professionally certified with credible fitness and health institutions and they personally take the initiative to keep up with fitness trends and new research, giving you safe and skilled service.
    • Our trainers are able to present you with confirmable credentials showing field experience and positive feedback from previous clients, both individuals and corporate.
  • Customer Service

    • We have selected trainers that have a good rapport with their colleagues and especially with their clients, this enables us to provide motivational, positive and enjoyable trainers.
    • We rotate our trainers on the initial phase of a new client, so you too can have an opportunity to choose which trainer you feel comfortable.
  • Safety

    • Our trainers also hold current first aid and CPR accreditation in case of unfortunate circumstances.
  • Flexable

    • Our trainers are progressive and are not typically bound to gyms and weight rooms, these trainers have an appreciation of the outdoors and make good use of limited space and equipment.
    • Our trainers backgrounds vary, from professional sport, Pilates, cycling, cross fit, special populations ( kids, elderly, chronic back pain, out patients and the physically impaired)