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Bodytailors is made up of a group of qualified fitness professionals. As part of their core business, Bodytailors offer fitness classes specifically designed to corporate companies who are looking to invest in the health and welfare of their employees. 

Our objectives:

  • Mentor clients toward holistic health.
  • Help clients set and realize their fitness goals.
  • Provide motivation to ensure clients remain committed to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Create a community environment where colleagues can be fellow competitors and also teammates.

Our Training Philosophy:

Through extensive market research, we identified a number of key reasons why health and fitness initiatives are typically poorly supported, namely: 

  • Monotony of training methods
    Participants become bored of following identical programs each week
  • Loss of enthusiasm
    Participants become despondent when they feel they are not progressing or if they are not working toward set goals.  
  • The individual nature of training programs
    Training programs tend to alienate individuals rather than making them feel part of a group.

In an attempt to overcome these challenges, Bodytailors have developed the following philosophy:

  • Employ various training methods and careful class plaining well in advance.
    Our training methods are based on the most up to date industry trends and incorporate a multitude of styles. Additionally, our classes are planned on a 3-month basis, thereby ensuring that each class is unique.
  • Regular body composition and fitness assessments.
    These regular assessments provide a tangible basis for participants to measure their improvements.
  • Create a community environment.
    When people feel part of a group, they are no longer accountable to just themselves. This positive peer pressure results in participants being less likely to miss sessions. It also creates healthy competition between the participants, pushing the members to new heights; but at the same time strengthens bonds within the group, where the members can also root for each other.
  • Employ the principals of Gamification
    By applying the elements of game playing to physical training, the participants enjoy a multitude of benefits, a few are:
    • Increased element of fun.
    • Continual charting of the participant’s progress, along with public acknowledgement and reward for their efforts.
    • A platform where all participants can compete evenly.

Equipment requirements:

Each participant is required to provide their own:

  • Exercise mat
  • A set of Dumbbells (Recommendation for ladies: 2.5 - 3kg / men: 4 - 6kg) 
  • A water bottle and your body!